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Our first acquaintance with an Irish wolfhound dates back to 20 years ago. Every morning in Tyoply Stan, our district, we saw a giant, severe-looking dog who accompanied two children to their school in wintertime he was pulling their sleighs and, when there was no snow, he was walking with them to school and returning back home by himself. Everyone was admiring this intelligent and stately dog. It was, probably, at that time that we dared to hope that one day such a dog would come into our life. We didnt know then what breed that was, and having looked him in encyclopedia, discovered that it was an Irish wolfhound. Such dogs were rare in Russia and only few chosen people could dream of acquiring one. In a few years we moved to the suburbs, and guided by a general opinion that it was impossible to live in a private house without a guarding dog, we obtained a puppy of a South-Russian Shepard. For 8 years that wonderful dog had been a great friend and a member of our family. Unfortunately, dogs lives are short, and he passed away after a grave illness. The house became so empty, it was impossible to stand. We started to choose the breed. By that time we were quite settled and sure that we didnt need an aggressive dog. We loved to have guests and always welcomed our numerous friends and relations; thus, our old admiration for the Irish wolfhounds won and we got our Verdik. He arrived at a tender age of 7 months and my family, instead of small fluffy baby, saw an awkward, long-legged minor. At the beginning the puppy was rather timid, but he settled well and captivated the whole family. Now it is a very dignified, strong and beautiful grown-up. This breed has got a wonderful characteristic all their merits bloom in the company of their own. That is why almost all people who once tied their lives to this breed, are sure to get the second, and sometimes the third wolfhound.
April 1, 2003 in S Sirenevogo bulvarakennel Verdiks sister had lovely puppies. We saw them and realized that we could not resist their charm that was how we got Emelya (E.MAIL.RU S SIRENEVOGO BULVARA)!!! Our responsible Verdik started to bring his nephew up, shed years and become playful and active again. He showed us the nobleness, which this breed is famous for. Now that we started going to the dog shows with E-Mail, we got to know many people who love this breed and acquired new friends. We spend our free time together, go to the dog shows to other cities and abroad, organize picnics and celebrate birthdays together!

The Irish wolfhounds came into our house and changed our life to the better. Our hearts belong forever to those wonderful creatures!


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